Employees who are required to work from home and/or required to cover expenses as a condition of employment can claim employment related expenses and can request to have a Declaration of Conditions of Employment form completed by their employer.  This is does not apply to an employee who works on premises or chooses to work from home occasionall
Protect Your Identity! A reminder to all Canadians to beware of telephone calls, mail, or email that claim to be from the CRA but are not. Canadians should especially beware of phishing scams asking for their personal information, such as a social insurance number, credit card, bank account, and passport numbers.
vacation entitlement
Vacation Time and Pay a Legal Right in Canada   "Use it or lose it" vacation policies are illegal in Canada. It wasn't until roughly 1944, that vacation legislation was first enacted in Canada, making vacations with pay a legal right for employees.
A resident of Canada?
Resident vs. Non-Resident Whether someone pays taxes in Canada, and on what income, depends on his or her residency and where they've earned the money. What are the obligations as a resident vs obligations as a non-resident? Here are three scenarios . . .
Counting commissions
How are income taxes calculated when an employee receives straight commission income vs periodic commission vs a combination of salary and commissions? Paying an employee commission or salary plus commission, his or her pay is taxed in one of the following ways:
For employees outside of Québec, employer contributions to a private health services plan (such as medical or dental plans) for employees, is not a taxable benefit to the employees. There are no statutory deductions such as Canada Pension Plan contributions, Employment Insurance premiums, or income tax that will apply.
Canadian compliance
That is the question that the National Federation of Independent Business in the US recently asked. Their answer was yes, particularly for small businesses.
The peo puzzle
The concept of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Canada is not well known, but is fairly common in the US and overseas.  When the concept is new to someone, they may be able to relate to alternative terms of reference such as “Employer of Record”, “Professional Employment Services” or “Employee Leasing.  That being said, we often rec