Time & Attendance

The flexibility of our product allows us to customize a web based tracking system for you. You will be able to keep tabs on the employees we hire on your behalf from anywhere in the world.

Some features of our Employee Time Management solution:

• Online approval of times for payroll calculations
• Automated time collection
• Easy to install and/or activate
• Swipe card, code punch, web clock to login or phone in to record employee punches
• Up to 3 levels of clock prompts
• Job costing and tip reporting
• Custom punch rounding
• Employees may clock in and out of multiple locations
• Employees can have multiple departments and multiple pay rates
• Fully web based for online viewing and editing
• Employees may review their time cards on-line
• Multiple Supervisory logins
• Different levels of permission settings for Supervisor viewing/access
• Daily e-mail reports reporting on the previous days activity and any missed punches
• Flexible reporting, through filtering and options available
• Automated overtime calculations
• Auto-clock out when clocking into a new job
• Auto-lunch deduction
• Exceptional user-ease
• Interfaces with payroll software